Sunday, 24 October 2010

ICT Subject Leaders Agenda - 4th November

Hopefully you have all booked on though PDC. If not what are you waiting for. Got to and search for ICT subject leaders.

The exciting Agenda this time is as follows.

9:00am - Welcome and News

Where we will be feeding back on a wide range of issues across the borough. Including USO and Educationcity.

9:30am – 10:30am

Key theme: Planning your school’s ICT Curriculum -

How do you start reinvigorating your ICT curriculum?

10:40am – Here’s something new…

Whats PurpleMash? 2simple will be along to demo their newest product.

11:00am - Training Experience – Hands-on with online tools

Have you heard of these? Prezi, Busy things, j2e, iBoard

- A chance to learn a new tool.

12:00pm - News from the floor

How have we have saved money?

12:15pm - Close

What events are coming up?


1.20pm - 3.30pm - Afternoon Session

Choice of 2 sessions.

1. What is G2? How can the class teacher use this flexible tool?

2. Stuck with your learning platform? Not sure where to go next? How to get unstuck!

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