Friday, 16 October 2009

October Update

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This month we started our six day course for TAS, looking at the role of how they can use ICT to support pupils and teachers. They learned essential skills such as how to upload, save and print digital images. They also looked at how images can be combined by cropping, cutting and pasting. The image above began like this:


They then used MS Paint to cut  cut out Charlie and then pasted him on a range of backgrounds in PowerPoint ( this works well in 2Paint a Picture too). By adding text- boxes and speech bubbles they made some engaging writing frames. If you like this idea we have a help sheet on this, which explains how to paste in the cropped image while avoiding all the extra fuzzy bits, email me if you’d like this.

More on Images

Last month I began working on a shared Google Presentation on the many ways a digital image can be used. Using the power of Google Docs, I was able to enlist the help of a ICT  teachers, advisers and geeks from across the net. The presentation started with just 3 ideas, but has now grown to over 25. Click on the link below and be inspired.

25 things

Have you got another idea, or something that we’ve missed?- If so add you idea by following this link, this will open a Google doc – just like PowerPoint – simple add your idea, web link  and give yourself credit

For more Inspiring presentations and ideas got to Mark Warner’s excellent – Ideas to Inspire Website – click on the link below:

shopping list on i 2 i

Anithings Launch


Simple animation from Stripey Design on Vimeo.

Last night Steve Taylor, the creator of Anithings came to Redbridge to launch the Redbridge Animation Competition. There were over 20 schools represented at Parkhill Infants and there was a real buzz of excitement in the air about this dynamic new package. If you missed it, don’t worry I videoed (as best I could), and have embedded it below. If you are Redbridge school you should find all the details of the competition on the website, though you’ll need to email me for a license code to download the software. If you are not a Redbridge school, then you can get hold of this application by visiting the TAG learning site – here.




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