Monday, 6 July 2009

Primary ICT TA Course


Developing Skills to Support Learning

September 2009 – July 2010
(6 days )
This course will be run by Anthony Evans, London Borough of Redbridge ICT Consultant and Nicholas Hughes, AST for ICT, at Redbridge Teachers’ Centre. It will be across the year, one day per half term, totalling 6 days. This course is designed for staff who wish to enhance their skills to support children’s learning. They should have some knowledge and skills with ICT, not complete beginners.

Participants will receive some free hardware and materials to support their learning.
There is no cost for this course, lunch will be provided.

Venue: Teachers' Centre

Day 1 Thurs 8th October 2009

Day 2 Fri 11th December 2009

Day 3 Fri 15th January 2010

Day 4 Thurs 4th March 2010

Day 5 Thurs 3rd June 2010

Day 6 Thurs 8th July 2010

Due to space limitations in the ICT suite at the Teachers’ Centre, places are limited to 18 participants only. All participants will need to commit to the year’s course.

Participants will be contacted via email so that the course can be tailored to their individual needs, providing bespoke learning for this cohort.

To book a place please email with the names and email contacts for the members of staff by September 21st 2009.

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