Thursday, 26 February 2009

Subject Leaders Meeting 12th March

Welcome to the Primary ICT Update

This week I simply want to post two items about Subject leaders next week, this takes place in rooms S2 and S4 on March 12th @ 9:00 am. It is hosted by Nicholas, Anthony, Holly Westow, Joskos and Mina Patel.

If you are coming, then please make sure you have booked on, we have record attendees this term, but we must be clear on numbers for Health and Safety and refreshment issues. So if you are coming and have yet to sign up, then you need to ASAP - visit Redbridgepdc or ask someone in your school to do it for you. Supply cover has already been paid to your school for this event.

Background Reading for Subject Leaders

It will be extremely helpful if you read through the DCSF publication, 'Beyond Engagement', before next Thursdays event. It is a short and very readable document, which will help inform our session and your job week to week.

It can be downloaded from here

Provisional Agenda for Subject Leaders
9.00 - Welcome and updates S2 - Anthony
9.30 - What does effective ICT Support look like - Colin Reed
10.10 - Coffee/Tea
10.35 - Introduction to the MLE - Anthony and Mina
11.35 - Beyond QCA - New documents from Islington. - Nic (Including 7min on National Expectations)
12.30 - Lunch
1.15 - Inspiring others and the role of ICT in Literacy. - Anthony, Holly Westow and Nic.

CPD Survey

It's that time again, when Maths, Literacy and ICT teams put together their support and CPD plans. in order to do this we need honest feedback from all our schools. Please take two minutes to fill in the form below. Headteachers, ICT coordinators or anyone involved in Primary ICT in school can complete the survey.

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